Notetaking Assistance

To best assist a student who qualifies for notetaking assistance on the basis of medical documentation, Glean empowers students to have complete control of their notetaking. Glean helps students take notes in class by recording audio in real time through a web program accessed through a student’s computer and/or mobile device.

The program provides space for typed notes, audio segments, and importing presentation slides and photos. Students have the ability to go back to a saved session after a lecture and synthesize the information to make their own set of notes for review and test preparation.

Students who qualify for this accommodation should not hesitate to ask for assistance from the Academic Resource Center to learn how to use this program. We also encourage you to review the Glean FAQs and User Guide

Visit the Notetaking Assistance Frequently Asked Questions page for more information. If there are any questions or concerns, please email the Academic Resource Center.