MyARC Faculty Portal

The MyARC Faculty Portal is an online hub where faculty can access accommodation information in one convenient place by logging in with their NetID and password.

[Please note, students must complete a release form prior to their accommodation information being available on the MyARC Faculty Portal.]

Within the MyARC Faculty Portal, faculty can:

  • View students’ electronic accommodation letters.
  • Provide accommodated testing instructions and exams to the ARC.
  • See notetaker information for your course.

Ready to get started? Login to the MyARC Faculty Portal.

You can find video tutorials at the links below:

To View Accommodation Letters:

  1. Log into the MyARC Faculty Portal, using your NetID and password.
  2. Find a list of your students with accommodations on the Overview page.
  3. Next to each student’s name, click View to see the accommodation letter for your course.