MyARC Faculty Portal

Welcome, Faculty!

The MyARC faculty portal is an online hub where faculty can access accommodation information in one convenient place just by logging in with their NetID and password.

Students must complete a release form prior to their accommodation information being available on the MyARC faculty portal.

Within the MyARC faculty portal, faculty can:

  • View students’ electronic accommodation letters.
  • Provide accommodated testing instructions and exams to the ARC.
  • See note-taker information for your course.

Ready to get started? Login to the MyARC faculty portal.

To View Accommodation Letters:

  1. Log into the MyARC faculty portal, using your NetID and password.
  2. A list of your students with accommodations on the Overview page.
  3. Next to each student’s name, click View to see the accommodation letter for your course.

Note-Taking Accommodation Instructions:

We are restructuring our note-taking process during Summer 2022. More information will be forthcoming.