MyARC Faculty Portal

Fall 2021 ARC Exam Proctoring

During September 2021, as we return to a mode of operation that is consistent with our pre-pandemic offerings, the Academic Resource Center is providing virtual proctoring services for students with testing accommodations. Learn more and request proctoring services here.

Welcome, Faculty!

The MyARC faculty portal is an online hub where faculty can access accommodation information in one convenient place just by logging in with their NetID and password.

Students must complete a release form prior to their accommodation information being available on the MyARC faculty portal.

Within the MyARC faculty portal, faculty can:

  • View students’ electronic accommodation letters.
  • View a list of students receiving accommodations for each course they teach.

Ready to get started? Login to the MyARC faculty portal.

To View Accommodation Letters:

  1. Log into MyARC, using your GU NetID and password.
  2. Click the “Courses” link at the top of the page.  The list of courses you teach will be displayed.
  3. Select Accommodation Letters.
  4. If there are students with accommodations in one of your courses, their names will be listed under the course title.
  5. Select the student’s name and click “View Accommodations.”
  6. You will have the option to view the PDF of the letter.

Note-Taking Accommodation Instructions:

The professor announces the need for a note-taker without identifying the student(s) requiring notes. After assessing the interested note-taker’s notes and ensuring they are representative of the class lecture/discussion, direct the student to the Academic Resource Center’s website ( to officially register as the note-taker. A $75 stipend is paid to the student note-taker for this service.

Note: There can only be one note-taker per course.