Final Exam Testing Center Reservations

Academic Resource Center Final Examination Reservation Protocol for StudentsSpring 2023


If you plan to take any of your final exams with the Academic Resource Center, please read this memo thoroughly and carefully to ensure that you make appropriate arrangements to take your exams with us. If you have an agreement with your professors to take final exams with them, you should confirm arrangements with them as soon as possible since the ARC will not accept test reservations after April 21, 2023 at 11pm.

Exam Scheduling Policies

The ARC respects and adheres to the policies established by the Offices of the Provost and Registrar; therefore, students must take exams in accordance with the final exam schedule listed on the Registrar’s website. The ARC will not accept a request for an alternate exam date or time because you made previous travel arrangements or because your professor gave you permission to take the exam on a different date. Therefore, if a professor agrees to permit you to take an exam on a different day/time, then the professor will need to administer the exam, not the ARC.

Final exam reservations (May 5-13, 2023) will be handled through the MyARC portal. You need to create a reservation for each final exam session that you plan to take with the ARC. Please note that you will not be able to create reservations once the test reservation deadline has passed.

The ARC provides three test administration sessions during the final exam period: 8am to 12pm; 12pm to 4pm; and 4pm to 8pm. If the exam start time is listed as 9am on the Registrar’s schedule, then you will start the exam at 8am. If the exam start time is 12:30pm, then you will start the exam at noon. If the exam start time is 4pm or 7pm, then you will start the exam at 4pm. 

Each test reservation will be reviewed by ARC staff to verify accuracy in accordance with the final exam schedule posted by the Registrar’s office. If discrepancies in the date and/or time are found, the ARC will make the appropriate changes and will notify you of the corrections by email after the reservation deadline has passed.

Exam Conflict Policies

If you believe that you have a scheduling conflict or an extenuating circumstance regarding a final exam, you will need to contact your Disability Advisor (Dr. Joe Fisher, Clare Hennigan, Miguel Capers, or Brittney Klein) as soon as possible to discuss the situation. The deadline to coordinate conflict exams is April 26, 2023; therefore, you should plan to schedule any conversations with your disability advisor at least a week ahead of this deadline so that there is enough time to make any necessary changes.

Please understand that exam conflicts will be resolved by making use of the university’s conflict day. If you are not sure how to handle a test reservation, you are encouraged to contact the ARC and consult with a staff member. We are here to assist you.