Campus Resources

Counseling & Psychiatric Services (CAPS)

CAPS provides a broad range of confidential psychological and psychiatric services to undergraduate, graduate, medical and law students at Georgetown University for a variety of student concerns and issues.

For more information, visit the CAPS website.

The Office of the Student Ombuds (OSO)

The Office of the Student Ombuds (OSO) serves as an independent, impartial, voluntary and confidential resource for students. OSO provides a safe space for students to voice concerns and navigate challenging situations they may encounter during their academic journey. Whether facing academic disputes, interpersonal conflicts, or seeking guidance on university policies and procedures, the Ombuds is here to listen, provide support, explore options and empower students to make their own choices. By utilizing OSO services, students can gain clarity, develop effective communication skills, and find constructive solutions to their concerns, ultimately enhancing their overall university experience and well-being. Visit the Office of the Student Ombuds website for more information. 

Writing Center

The Writing Center offers free peer tutoring to all enrolled students. Tutors are trained graduate and undergraduate students who will help students improve their own critical thinking, revision, and editing skills. They are not there to proofread papers for students, but to enhance the writing process.

To schedule an appointment with a writing consultant, visit the Writing Center’s website.

Economics Tutoring for ECON-001/002/003

The School of Foreign Service and the Department of Economics offers free peer tutoring services. Please see the Department of Economic’s website for more information.

Math Assistance Center

The Math Assistance Center offers free tutoring services for Georgetown students enrolled in: Mathematics in Society (MATH-004), Calculus with Review A (MATH-031), Calculus with Review B (MATH-032), Calculus I (MATH-035), Calculus II (MATH-036), Probability and Statistics (MATH-040).

For tutoring session information, please visit the Department of Mathematics and Statistics’ website.

Chemistry Drop-In Tutoring

Undergraduate tutors (i.e. recent alumni of the course) are available through the Chemistry Club. Visit the Department of Chemistry’s website for more information.

McDonough School of Business Peer Tutoring

McDonough Peer Tutors will provide academic support to fellow classmates within the McDonough School of Business through individual, one-on-one tutoring. Please complete the McDonough Peer Tutoring Request Form for more information.