Academic Success Webinar Series

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Upcoming Webinar: 

Strategies for Focus

Tuesday, March 19

4:00 PM EST to 4:30 PM EST

To join the webinar, visit the Zoom link below:

About the Webinar Series: 

Each webinar will highlight a different academic theme and allow students to participate in a Q&A session to address any of their academic questions.

For additional support in using Zoom, refer to the Zoom Help Center website.  In addition, please refer to the Academic Resource Center’s YouTube channel for all of our archived videos.

Spring 2024 Webinar Schedule: 

  • 1/17: New Semester Planning Session
  • 1/25: Semester-Long Project Management
  • 2/6: Notetaking with Notion
  • 3/19: Strategies for Focus
  • 4/24: Final Exam Study Schedule
  • 5/1: Finals Coworking Session

All webinars are scheduled for 4:00 PM EST.

Past Semesters:

  • 8/24: Assignment Tracking Checklist
  • 9/6: Tracking Assignments with OneNote
  • 9/19: Developing a Notetaking System
  • 10/2: Creating a Plan for Midterms
  • 10/25: Challenging Your Procrastination Habits
  • 11/28: Crafting a Study Schedule for Finals
  • 12/7: Pomodoro Coworking Session