MyARC Note-Taker

Thank you for your interest in becoming a note-taker for the Academic Resource Center. Note-taking assistance is provided as an approved accommodation for students with documented disabilities. The process outlined below is reserved for students who have been directed by their professors to contact the ARC to sign up as the class note-taker.

If there is a class in which a registered student needs notes, the professor will announce that need to the class. After reviewing and approving your notes, the professor will direct you to this website. There can only be one note-taker per course. 

Complete registration for a MyARC note-taker account.

After completing registration, you must come into the Academic Resource Center (Leavey 335; M-F, 9am-5pm) within 3 business days to fill out a hiring form and receive information about completing the I-9 tax document. 

You may upload your notes on your own to MyARC or if you prefer, bring them to be scanned and copied at the Academic Resource Center. The notes must be uploaded by 4pm every Friday. If you use abbreviations or symbols that are ones that you have devised, make sure to explain them. Notes should be organized, comprehensive, and legible.