Academic Resources

Use the following tools to evaluate your courses’ syllabi, use of time and determine which strategies you can use to manage your time effectively and increase efficiency!

Assignment Tracker

Weekly Schedule Planner

New Term? Start Strong!

How to Stay Focused in Class

168 Hours Exercise

Weekly Schedule

Understanding Your Syllabus

Embed Canvas Calendar

Effective Time Management Tips

Find helpful tips below for effective note-taking and managing your reading load.

Strategies for Note-Taking

Strategies for Textbook Reading

For everything from homework assignments to senior theses, check out these handouts for writing tips.

Avoiding Plagiarism

Guidelines for Writing a Research Paper

Guidelines for Editing and Revising

Check out these helpful tips to learn a foreign language and improve your proficiency.

Tips for Learning a Foreign Language: French

Use the following resources to help you become more mindful, relaxed and organized.

Resources for Becoming More Mindful