There’s an App for That!

Rescue Time

Rescue Time App
  • Determine your procrastination patterns and the root cause.
  • Allows you to plan your time accordingly and avoid patterns that lead to time mismanagement.

Google Drive

Google Drive App

Store, share, organize and record all your data across devices.

Drop Box

Drop Box App

Store and share your projects, files and presentation across multiple devices.


Any Do App

Helps you organize, prioritze your tasks and sync your to-do list across devices.


Quizlet App

Create your own customizable flashcards for a variety of subjects.


Slack App

Helps you communicate and coordinate assignments and projects with your classmates.

TIME out

Time Out App

Reminds you to take a break when and how you want to! Remember well-rested minds always work better.

Pocket Points

Pocket Points App

Get points for staying off your phone and REDEEM them for great discounts around the Georgetown campus.