Campus Accessibility

Please refer to the Accessibility at Georgetown website for specific information for students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

Accessible Route Map (Website) and Accessible Route Map (PDF)

Accessible Events

Georgetown University is committed to providing an accessible and welcoming experience for our students, guests, and community members. We strive to design our programs and activities to welcome and include disabled individuals. All Georgetown University entities are responsible for ensuring that their programs, services, and activities are accessible.

When planning an event, please keep in mind the inclusion of disabled participants and speakers in all aspects of planning, from choosing a physical space or venue and promoting the event to when participants exit the event. Though visitors and other members of the University community are encouraged to request accommodations in advance of any event, you should anticipate that disabled participants will attend your event regardless of whether they request accommodations beforehand. The Accessible Events Guide outlines best practices for planning and publicizing accessible events.

You can also refer to the Office of Institutional Diversity, Equity & Affirmative Action’s Planning an Accessible Event website.

Disability Resources

This list of resources represents ways to create an inclusive, welcoming environment for people with disabilities. This resource page does not include all the various strategies to provide information about disability issues; it is a work in progress.

Website Accessibility Guidance

Course Materials Accessibility Resources

Other Resources