Accommodated Testing

Students who are eligible for accommodated testing (as stipulated in the accommodation letter from the Academic Resource Center to the faculty member) can make arrangements to take their exams in the Academic Resource Center. The Academic Resource Center will be able to provide accommodations for testing Monday-Thursday from 8am-6pm and Friday from 9am-5pm during the fall and spring semesters.

Students reserve space for accommodated testing by submitting a test reservation online, at least five (5) days in advance of the examination.

Important Considerations:

  • Professors always have the option of providing accommodations for students on their own.
  • Professors are under no obligation to provide testing accommodations for students who have not sent them their official ARC accommodation letters.
  • If students miss the test reservation deadline, they may email to request consideration for a late request. All late requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis and may necessitate a consultation with an ARC staff member.

Note: in order to make a testing reservation, students must first request accommodation letters and include “Alternative Testing” in the letter. Our instructional video includes instructions on requesting student accommodation letters.

Instructions for How to Reserve An Exam in the ARC Testing Center

  1. Log in to the MyARC portal
  2. Click on “Alternative Testing” under the My Accommodations menu
  3. Within the box labeled “ARC Exam Accommodation Faculty Agreement(s),” select which class you would like to reserve an exam for, then click “Schedule Exam.” 
  4. Read through the terms and conditions of scheduling an exam in the ARC (in the yellow box), and review the class schedule and location for accuracy. 
  5. If your professor has already submitted the ARC Exam Accommodations Faculty Agreement form, you will be presented with an array of exam dates and types to choose from. Select the date and time of your desired reservation, indicate which approved testing accommodation(s) you will be using, and click “Add Exam Request.” You may also choose to add an additional note before submitting your reservation request. 
  6. If your professor has not yet completed the agreement form, you will indicate an exam type (quiz, midterm, final, standard exam), the date and time, and which approved testing accommodations you are going to use. You may also choose to add an additional note for the ARC staff. The final step is to click “Add Exam Request.” 
    1. Please note that ARC staff will closely review your exam request(s) for courses that do not have a completed faculty agreement form, as we need to ensure that you take the exam on the correct date and time. Your professor will also have the opportunity to dispute an exam request if they notice that you have reserved an exam for an incorrect date or time. 
  7. ARC staff will review all exam reservations before approving them and may email you with questions. Once your reservation has been approved, you will receive an email notification. You will be able to see a summary of your exam request(s) on the Alternative Testing page of your MyARC portal.

The final exam guidelines for accommodated testing differs from the regular semester. Information is updated each semester on the Academic Resource Center website and registered students are emailed about the unique guidelines for finals. Any questions regarding testing policies and procedures may be directed to