Interpreting/CART Services

At Georgetown University, the role of the interpreter or CART writer is to provide access to communication between D/deaf and hearing members of the community. The Academic Resource Center works with interpreting agencies to assign the most qualified interpreters for events requested by the student. The ARC will make a reasonable effort to assign an interpreter/CART writer to an assignment whenever the student informs the Academic Resource Center of the need. Because of the high demand for interpreters in the DC area, one month’s notice for a semester-long assignment is critical. When there is a request for an interpreter/CART writer that is made with less than two weeks’ notice, the ARC cannot guarantee that an interpreter/CART writer will be available to fill the request. The Academic Resource Center will attempt to locate an interpreter/CART writer when a request is made in a timely fashion.

Protocol for Requesting Interpreting/CART Services: Main Campus and SCS Campus


Prior to the start of the semester, students must meet with their assigned Academic Resource Center administrator and provide documentation of their condition. During this meeting, reasonable accommodations will be discussed along with the policies and procedures for requesting interpreting/CART services. Once the student has been approved for accommodations, they will be able to request and send their accommodation letters to faculty through the MyARC portal.  It is the student’s responsibility to meet with each professor to discuss the accommodations outlined in the letter. It is highly recommended that this meeting take place as soon after receipt of the letters to ensure implementation of accommodations. Failure to meet with instructors in a timely fashion can hinder implementation of accommodations.

Interpreting/CART Requests: Coursework

Prior to the start of a semester, a student who requires interpreting/CART services should contact the Academic Resource Center at least four weeks in advance to discuss arrangements for such services in order to find the most qualified and appropriate CART writers/interpreters for classes. When submitting a request for interpreting/CART services, the following information is needed:

  • course name and number
  • professor’s name
  • classroom location (building name and room number)
  • class dates
  • class start/end time.

If requests are not submitted within the recommended time period, the Academic Resource Center will always make a reasonable effort to fill the request; however, interpreting/CART services cannot be guaranteed. Requests received during non-business hours may take longer to process.  If changes are made to the student’s schedule (added classes, dropped classes, changed locations), the student must notify the ARC as soon as possible to ensure that there is not a disruption in services.

Interpreting/CART Requests: Additional Course Related Assignments

For additional interpreting/CART requests, such as class projects, study groups, meetings with academic advisors, the Academic Resource Center should be notified by email at least two weeks in advance. If requests are submitted with less than two weeks’ notice, the Academic Resource Center will make a reasonable effort to fill the request; however, an interpreter/CART writer cannot be guaranteed or provided without reasonable notice. Requests received after business hours may take longer to process.

Students should use the course syllabus as a guide to determine interpreting/CART requests.

Student’s Responsibilities in Requesting and Using Interpreting/CART Services

It is the student’s responsibility to notify the Academic Resource Center by email if they will be late to class. The interpreter/CART writer is expected to stay and wait 20 minutes for each hour of class (1 hour for a 3 hour class). If the student still has not arrived within the specified time frame, the interpreter/CART writer is free to leave.

If the interpreter/CART writer has not arrived by the time class begins, please email the ARC to document this incident. The Academic Resource Center administration will follow up with the interpreting agency.

SCS students should contact:

Main campus students should contact:

It is the student’s responsibility to notify the Academic Resource Center immediately if they are not going to class, or if the class schedule has changed. If the student has three absences without prior notice, the ARC reserves the right to terminate interpreting/CART services. If the student is not satisfied with the interpreter/CART writer, contact the ARC to discuss next steps.