2022-2023 Housing Accommodation Process

  1. All students who are requesting housing accommodations should complete the Academic Resource Center’s accommodation request form and supply documentation from an appropriate healthcare provider that meets University guidelines
    • If a student is requesting the same accommodation that they received in the past, they do not need to submit additional documentation.
    • Students making accommodation requests with a dietary component must first schedule a consultation with the Registered Dietician (RD) in Dining Services by contacting mealplans@georgetown.edu. The RD will meet with the student to discuss their request and the dining options. 
  2. The ARC will use the student’s application form and documentation to inform an accommodation decision.
    1. An ARC administrator may request to meet with a student if they have questions about a student’s request, or if they need additional information.
    2. Upon completing their review, the ARC will confirm that the student has completed their request. 
    3. The ARC will notify Residential Living of a student’s accommodation request.
      • Students who complete the process between November 15, 2022 – February 3, 2023 will be part of the preselection phase.
      • Students who complete the process between February 4 – April 28, 2023 will be part of the postselection phase. 
      • Students who complete the process after April 28, 2023 will be part of rolling consideration.
  3. Students with approved accommodations will have the opportunity to submit building and roommate(s) preferences through the Residential Living on-campus housing application. 
  4. Residential Living will notify students of their placements.
    • Students who apply in preselection will be notified of their placements in mid-March before the formal selection process. 
    • Students who apply in postselection will be notified of their placements in late June/early July.
      • Students are encouraged to still participate in the formal housing selection process until their accommodation assignment is offered. 
      • Note: Accommodation review and placements do not take place in the month of May due to spring closing and summer transition.
    • Students who apply in rolling consideration will be notified of their placements on a rolling basis over the summer. 
      • Residential Living and ARC meet weekly to review rolling applications and assignment options. 

Students can refer to the housing configuration overview and Frequently Asked Questions documents for additional information, or email archousing@georgetown.edu