Roles of the Academic Resource Center, Faculty, and Students

The Role of the Academic Resource Center:

  • To review the student’s documentation to determine reasonable accommodations.
  • To write letters and otherwise facilitate communication with professors on behalf of students who have given the Academic Resource Center authorization for academic accommodations.
  • To act as an advocate for students with disabilities.

The Role of the Student:

  • To be responsible for self-identifying and meeting with the appropriate administrator in the Academic Resource Center to discuss needed accommodations.
  • To provide current and complete documentation to the Academic Resource Center.
  • To authorize the Academic Resource Center to write letters documenting and disclosing the disability to faculty who need to be informed in order to provide accommodation.
  • To meet with professors to discuss approved accommodations and share the letter from the Academic Resource Center within one (1) week of receiving accommodation letters.
  • To meet with the Academic Resource Center administrator at the beginning of each semester to request accommodations.
  • To follow the policies of the Academic Resource Center.

The Role of the Faculty:

  • To implement a student’s accommodations as outlined in the letter from the Academic Resource Center.
  • To contact the Academic Resource Center if the accommodations require clarification, or if the professor has any concerns about the student’s progress.
  • To maintain a student’s confidentiality.