Student Athlete FAQs

Q: Is tutoring available for varsity student-athletes?

A: Varsity student-athletes have access to campus-wide resources ( In addition to these resources, there are drop-in tutoring sessions for student-athletes offered on a walk-in basis for a limited number of courses, determined by enrollment and demand; offerings vary by semester.   

Q: What is the process by which varsity student-athletes are excused from class for athletic travel?   

A: Varsity student-athletes are required to meet with the professor to discuss travel for the semester. Each student-athlete receives travel letters from their coach, detailing the semester’s schedule.  The letter requires the professor’s signature; signed forms are returned to head coach.  The professor has three options: they can accommodate all of the travel, some of the travel (with notations about conflicts to be resolved); or, none of the travel. In nearly all cases, the Associate Director is able to collaborate with the professor, the student-athlete, and the coach to accommodate the specific needs of the course.  Each resolution is different.  All athletic time away from classes adheres to current NCAA rules and regulations.

Q: What if there’s an exam during Varsity Athletic Travel?   

A: As indicated, varsity student-athletes must discuss travel with their professors at the beginning of the semester.  Both parties should identify potential conflicts with assessments and travel.  It is within the professor’s discretion to allow students to miss an exam.  Alternate arrangements may be made directly with the professor or with the Associate Director, which include taking the exam at another date/time and/or on the road.  Availability is limited and requires advance notice.