Student Athlete FAQs

Q: Is there special academic support available to student-athletes?

A: Yes. There are three professionals available to work with different populations of student-athletes. Dr. Shelly K. Habel, the Associate Director of the Academic Resource Center for Student-Athlete Services, works with all student-athletes, except those on the Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams. Adam Polacek, also a member of the Academic Resource Center, supports the Women’s Basketball team; Ms. Kimberly Curry, a member of Athletics, supports the Men’s Basketball team.

Q: What does that support entail?

A: Each of the three professionals provides direct academic support to the individual student-athlete, but these staff members also liaise with other divisions across campus, including, Athletics, Academic Affairs and Student Affairs.

Q: Is there tutoring available for athletes?

A: Student-athletes have access to the same tutoring services available to them as the regular student population through the Academic Resource Center, the drop-in tutoring available through the Math Assistance Center, the Economics Assistance Center, and the Writing Center, as well as that provided by the School of Nursing and Health Studies for their courses. In addition to these resources, there are drop-in tutoring sessions for student-athletes offered on a walk-in basis for a number of courses each semester, determined by enrollments and demand in specific courses. Courses that are routinely supported by the ARC include Accounting I, Accounting II, Business Financial Management, and Operations Management. Other courses are supported during some semesters based on student needs.


A: Student-athletes are required to meet with the professor to discuss travel for the semester. Each student-athlete is provided a travel letter from the Academic Resource Center. This letter details the student-athlete’s travel schedule for the semester and requires the professor's signature; the forms are to be returned to the Academic Resource Center. Students are asked to highlight the missed class(es) on the letter for each class missed in a course prior to the conversation with the professor. The professor has three options: they can accommodate all of the travel, some of the travel (with notations about conflicts to be resolved); or, none of the travel. In nearly all cases, the ARC is able to work with the professor, the student-athlete, and the coach to accommodate the specific needs of the course. In those cases the ARC cannot, attempts are made to find another class that meets the student’s academic requirements and delay the other course until the student is not in travel season. Each resolution is different, but the ARC is nearly always successful. No student-athlete is allowed to miss class for practice during the championship season unless it is within 24 hours of a competition.

Q: How do student-athletes schedule classes?

A: Most student-athletes compete with the general student population for their courses during the pre-registration and add/drop periods. During pre-registration, additional priority is available to all student-athletes on a course by course basis. Please understand that "priority" is truly that and is intended for instances where there is only one or two sections of a REQUIRED course for a given semester that will accommodate the student-athlete's practice/competition schedule. It is not intended for use for free electives and is typically not needed for general education requirements, UNLESS the student-athlete is enrolled in a PreMed, Math, Science, and/or NHS curriculum. All of the coaches understand that the student-athletes are here for an education and allow the student-athletes to miss practice. However, student-athletes are only permitted to miss practice for required courses; student-athletes are not permitted to miss practice for general education classes since those classes can generally be scheduled around the practice times during the four years. We do encourage student-athletes to discuss their schedules with their professors if it is a required course to see if there is any flexibility with the course enrollment.

Q: Where else can student-athletes get information on academic support at Georgetown?

A: The Athletics Department and the Student Athlete Handbook both provide information on academic support for student-athletes.