Foreign Language Tutoring


Spring 2018

Language tutor requests will be accepted from

January 24th- March 19th, 2018.


One-on-one tutoring is provided for foreign languages up through the Intermediate II level. Students who are receiving a C or less are eligible to apply for a free foreign language tutor through the Academic Resource Center. Students assigned a tutor are required to meet with their tutor for at least one hour per week and no more than three hours per week. Please see the following directions on how to request a Language Tutor: 

To Request a One-on-One Tutor:

1. Meet with your professor to discuss the challenges that you are facing. Your professor will be your best resource throughout the semester and may recommend additional/alternative options such as departmental tutoring, attending office hours, group study sessions, etc. Please note that tutors cannot be assigned until you have received at least one graded assignment from the class for which you are requesting a tutor.

2. Fill out a tutor request form/questionnaire and also meet with Annie Belott, Learning Skills Specialist, in the Academic Resource Center, Leavey Center, Suite 335. The Center is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

3. Tutors will be assigned as available, and if deemed necessary. All attempts are made to solicit and hire tutors, but the ARC cannot guarantee that a tutor will be available. Depending on your request, you may be referred to an Academic Resource Center administrator for individual consultation or other campus-wide resources instead of being assigned a tutor. When a tutor is available, you will receive an email with his/her contact information. 

Additional Information:

  1. Tutees must contact his/her tutor within one week of receiving their contact information, and arrange a meeting for no later than the following week. Tutees who fail to connect with their tutor within that timeframe will no longer be eligible for tutoring.

  2. Tutees may be tutored up to 3 hours per week. It is mandatory that you meet with your tutor at least one hour per week throughout the semester. Tutees who fail to meet this requirement will no longer be eligible for tutoring.

  3. If you withdraw from or drop a class for which you requested a tutor, you must inform Annie Belott as soon as possible.

  4. If you need to cancel a tutoring appointment, you must do so 24 hours prior to your scheduled tutoring sessions. If 24 hours’ notice is not given the tutor will be paid. Two missed sessions could result in termination of all tutoring services for the semester.

  5. You will be required to complete an evaluation of your tutor(s) at the end of the semester.

  6. Additional expectations of students who receive tutoring services:

  • Go to class regularly

  • Ask the professor questions during class and office hours

  • Attend academic workshops

  • Read class assignments

  • Review notes

  • Do as much of the homework as possible

  • Prepare specific questions to ask the tutor about the material

  • Bring all necessary materials to tutoring sessions

If you feel that your difficulties in the class may be related to academic skills issues such as time management, note-taking, test-taking strategies, etc, we encourage you to consider attending a workshop or contact Annie Belott for consultation.