To Request an Academic Workshop

The Academic Resource Center (ARC) offers study skills workshops on a variety of topics with the objective of empowering students to incorporate learned strategies in their daily study habits. Workshops are interactive and goal-oriented to ensure that specific academic concerns are addressed by the study skills instructor. In essence, the workshop can be instrumental in aiding students to get on track with their study habits and to develop new skills that will contribute to their academic success.

In your role as the requestor for a workshop, please consider the following issues:

  1. Workshops are structured to allow time for instruction and student engagement with an emphasis on addressing immediate student concerns. Usually, a workshop should be scheduled for 1 hour.
  2. Workshop requests should be made at least 2 weeks prior to the proposed date to allow for appropriate planning.
  3. The requestor of the workshop is responsible for advertising the event to the targeted audience.
  4. Refreshments (if served) must be handled by the requestor of the event.
  5. Based on schedule availability, presenters may be Academic Resource Center (ARC) staff or graduate students trained as study skills instructors.
  6. Academic Resource Center presenters are available throughout the week during standard office hours (Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm). Evening workshops can be arranged with advanced notice.

  7. Workshops can be designed to cover multiple content areas (i.e. time management and procrastination).

Request a workshop.For more information, please contact:

Annie Belott, Learning Skills Specialist, Main Campus,      


Ashley Bray, Disability/Learning Skills Advisor, School of Continuing Studies,