Access to class notes is determined upon students medical documentation and an assessment of their condition and needs. If access to class notes is approved as an accommodation, then the accommodation will be indicated on the letter that the students provide to their professors. It is the responsibility of the professor to find a note-taker for the class; this is a confidential process so the note-taker will not know the student who has requested the notes. 

Students who are approved for this accommodation are required to attend class. If the Academic Resource Center is notified by the professor that the student is missing class, then the assigned Academic Resource Center advisor will discuss this issue with the student. 

Alternatives to class notes are permission for the student to audio-record lectures and/or use of a Smart Pen. The student is responsible for discussing with their professors their request to audio-record class lectures. The Academic Resource Center does not provide audio-recording devices or Smart Pens but can approve them as a reasonable accommodation.