Fall 2021 Medical Housing Process

At the present time, the Academic Resource Center is offering a medical housing process in preparation for a fall 2021 university reopening.

Please note that this process may be adjusted if the university’s operating status changes or if public health guidelines mandate modifications to campus residency policies.

Medical Housing Process

  1. Download a medical housing request form and the documentation guidelines for healthcare providers.
  2. Complete the request form, and return it via email to medical housing. The most efficient manner to submit a request is to include diagnostic documentation with your application.
    • First Consideration Deadline: Wednesday, May 19, 2021
    • Second Consideration Deadline: Monday, June 28, 2021
  3. The ARC will review your request and will make accommodation determinations accordingly. If we have questions about your request, or if we believe that a follow-up meeting will provide additional information, an ARC administrator will contact you to set a time for a consultation via Zoom.
  4. Upon completing our review, the ARC will confirm your medical housing accommodation via email.  We will then communicate your accommodation to Residential Living—your documentation and related medical information is kept confidential within the Academic Resource Center—which will in turn notify you of your housing placement.

Important Considerations

  • Medical housing accommodations are determined based on medical need, not preference.  The information provided on the request form, as well as the medical documentation, must indicate a reasonable connection between the requested configuration of space and the reason for the request. Our medical housing procedures, combined with our medical housing documentation guidelines, offer additional information about this expectation.
  • On-campus residency conditions are being arranged to meet public health guidelines and to maximize student health and safety.  Medical housing placements will operate within the scope of those guidelines.
  • Diagnostic documentation must be specific.  General descriptions regarding health (or health concerns) and the pandemic might not be clear enough to substantiate a medical housing request and could delay the process.
  • General concerns about COVID contagion are not, in themselves, substantial reasons to pursue medical housing.
  • If you have any questions about the process, please send them via email to medical housing.