For Faculty: Administering Accommodations in the Virtual Learning Environment

Below you will find a list of common academic accommodations and implementation suggestions in a virtual learning environment. You will find that many accommodations are handled the same way in the virtual environment as they are in-person. Please note that this list is not exhaustive, and ARC staff is available to discuss implementation recommendations for any approved accommodations, not just those listed below.

If you have questions about an accommodation outlined in a student’s accommodation letter, please reach out to the ARC administrator whose contact information is listed on the letter. We are here to help!

You can also review your students’ accommodations at any time by logging into the MyARC Faculty portal.

Academic AccommodationImplementation Recommendation
Extended Testing Time
(for tests/quizzes)
Virtual platforms like Canvas allow for individually adjusted testing times.  

This Canvas Tutorial for Extended Time explains how faculty can change a student’s quiz time in Canvas.
Stop the Clock Breaks 
(during testing)
If adding breaks is not an option in the virtual testing platform, contact the ARC administrator who signed the accommodation letter in the MyARC Faculty portal. We can discuss ways to add “breaks” for testing in alternate ways.
Extensions for AssignmentsConsider the curricular goals of the course. 

Discuss with your student what a reasonable extension might be for various assignments/projects, noting that one size may not fit all circumstances. 

Review the ARC’s faculty handout regarding the Extensions for Assignments Accommodation
Flexibility in AttendanceConsider the curricular goals of the course.
Discuss with your student how to provide timely notice when a disability or medical condition might not make it possible to attend class.

Review the ARC’s faculty handout regarding the Flexibility in Attendance Accommodation
Student Requires a NotetakerSee Information Sheet: Faculty Instructions for Note-taking Accommodation
Sonocent Note-taking AssistanceNo faculty preparation needed. 

ARC staff will provide students with Sonocent software (and one-on-one training as requested).
(alternative format books)
No faculty preparation needed.

ARC staff will work with students to manage alternative text arrangements through our alternative text provider.

Tips for Proctoring Accommodated Exams from a Distance

The ARC’s testing facility will be closed to in-person testing for Fall 2020, but ARC staff are here to help guide you through proctoring exams in a virtual environment.

  1. Check the MyARC Faculty Portal to determine which students receive accommodations for each class and what those accommodations are ahead of any exam/quiz. 
  2. Make necessary changes to online exams/quizzes (like extended time or managing breaks) for individual students via Canvas or other learning platforms.
    • If you are having trouble making necessary adjustments to a test or quiz, reach out to the ARC administrator who signed your student’s accommodation letter. We would be happy to provide assistance or suggest other University resources to solve the issue if we cannot. Please contact the ARC as soon as a known issue arises so that we can troubleshoot together in a timely manner. 
  3. Double check that all students have the appropriate amount of time allotted for each assessment (we recommend doing this sooner rather than later so that any issues can be fixed before the testing session. This will limit anxiety for both you and the students testing).