Time Management 

Use the following tools to evaluate your courses' syllabi, use of time and determine which strategies you can use to manage your time effectively and increase efficiency!

          168 Hours Exercise                   Effective Time Management         

           Weekly Schedule           understanding your syllabus

Study Smarter, Not Harder

Check out the tips below to learn which proactive study strategies you can incorporate into your study habits.

           Smart Goal Setting                  Avoid Procrastination     

                                                                 Campus May of Study Spots


Active Studying

Find helpful tips below for effective note-taking and managing your reading load.

            Strategy Note-Taking                  Strategy Textbook Reading


Write your way to success

For everything from homework assignments to senior theses, check out these handouts for writing tips.

          Avoid Plagiarism                 Research Papers Guidelines   

                                              Editing and Revising Guidelines


Exam Preparation

Explore the following strategies and tools to develop a realistic study plan for your mid-term and final exams.

            Exam Preparation            Essay Exams

                                       Final Exam Preparation                                     

Learning styles

Figure out how you learn most effectively by taking a Learning Styles Assessment and determine what study strategies fit your learning style.

                         learning styles assessment                       haptic learning strategies

                         visual learning strategies                      auditory learning strategies

                                                                                 brain and learning styles       

Presentations/Class Participation

Learn how best to effectively collaborate with your peers in study groups, create an A+ presentation and be an effective discussion leader in the classroom.

                      class participation      leading class discussions 

                   enhancing your presentation     oral presentations

                           public speaking anxiety        presentations                                                         

                                                                           Study Groups

Learning a Foreign Language

Check out these helpful tips to learn a foreign language and improve your proficiency.

                           Learning a Foreign Language

Meditation & Mindfulness

Use the following resources to help you become more mindful, relaxed and organized.

         Mindfulness Resources       Mindfulness Strategies and Resources